Latitude 53 presents Visualeyez 2017, the seventeenth edition of Canada's annual festival of performance art, from September 26–October 1, exploring the theme of awkwardness

The calm before the storm

Posted by Cindy on September 15th, 2010

So I’ve set myself up in the gallery’s reception area again. By now I’ve met all the staff I hadn’t already known, and I have been slowly meeting the festival artists.

There’s been quite a bit of activity in the gallery since I was here yesterday. Robert Harpin (Program Officer) and Alison Reiko Loader were working in the gallery all night, until Alison basically had to beg Robert to let her go to bed!

All kidding aside, Alison was singing Robert’s praises, moments before they left for Ikea to buy installation supplies, leaving the space quiet but for the muffled tapping of a million tiny keyboards as the rest of the staff (and me) work to get ready for the festival’s opening performance this afternoon at 2 pm.

Speaking of which, I haven’t met Chun Hua Catherine Dong yet  but am excited about her performance this afternoon. I have a thing about artmaking that involves tweezers, and I am anticipating a lovely smell from the ink on rice! I’m a bit more trepidatious about the bananas; I really can’t stand eating them, but for Adina Bier‘s performance I plan to better myself by learning to appreciate the overwhelming smell of 365 bananas!

Apparently, straight off the plane, Naufús Ramirez-Figueroa told Todd Janes he needed to go to Todd’s house to bake a pyramid-shaped cake. Todd decided that Naufús should settle in to the hotel first. No word on how the cake will be baked, but I have a feeling I’ll be back at my Mom’s house tonight, artist in tow…

Oh! Adina Bier just walked in and we’ve already started bonding over our dietary restrictions. Food is already bringing us together!

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