Pest Control


“Success!!!!” Is an hour long performance in a classroom style setting. It will contain a projected educational video, organized into a six step lesson plan intended to teach viewers how to succeed in schmoozing and eventually ‘selling out.’ This is accompanied by a live performance done by the members of Pest Control. For those who wish to engage more intimately with the piece there is seating  in a classroom style setting, offering the opportunity to learn, interact, and see the direct results of this comprehensive guide.


Success!!!! is a combined live and video performance by Pest Control, seeking to eliminate the discomforts of conversations regarding you and yourself, you and your image, and you and your work within the professional world. Our comprehensive six step guide will assist you in impressing established members of the art community, while you alter yourself every step of the way. You’ll rocket to the top of the art world and perhaps beyond, in no time.


Pest control is comprised of Sarah Ormandy and Kai Villneff

Sarah Ormandy is a performance artist, actor and improviser from Edmonton. She has been gifted with charm and many talents, which help her soar to the top of her social and artistic circles.

Kai Villneff was originally trained as a scenographer. Tired of the local theatre arts scene and its stagnancy, he has decided alongside Sarah Ormandy, to move into visual arts. Within the collaborative sphere of Pest Control Kai uses his previous experience in theatre to create cohesive worlds and immersive works.