Ray Fenwick

Image Courtesy of Philippa Jones

How To Talk With Plants

How to Talk With Plants is a performance that centres on a person whose starting point is faith in the possibility of communicating with plants. Not just talking to them, but with them; a kind of first contact with a new species. His belief is tested, and questions begin to pile up, but despite mounting doubts he refuses to lose faith, urging the audience to do the same. “If we figure this out,” he says, “we figure everything out.”

Set amongst a menagerie of live plants, the work switches form restlessly, addressing the audience and the plants in equal measure. Using admittedly absurd means, the work teases out the awkwardness and impossibility of our own attempts to make contact—not with plants, but with each other.


Ray Fenwick is an interdisciplinary artist working with installation, performance, video, sound and typography. His works are often playful and absurd attempts to examine alternative, unusual or precarious relationships to language, communication and the voice.


Ray Fenwick has an undergraduate degree from NSCAD and an MFA degree from the University of Manitoba. He has participated in residencies at Struts Gallery (NB), Plug-In ICA (MB), and Owens Art Gallery (NB). He has performed at many venues including Galerie Sans Nom (NB), Grenfell Art Gallery (NFLD), Southern Alberta Art Gallery (AB), Truck Gallery (AB) and Plug-In ICA (MB). He has exhibited, performed, and screened work in both Canada and the U.S. and has received grants from the Canada Council, Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council and Nova Scotia Culture and Heritage.