Julianne Chapple

Julianne Chapple

Women Appear (and sometimes they learn how to disappear)

The title is a take on the well known John Berger quote ‘Men act, women appear.’ This inspired the creation of a movement score that utilizes muscular release and an open body position, defiantly repositioning these historically sexualized physicalities towards empowerment.


My work explores surreal imagery, meditations on objecthood and evocations of collective memory. Drawing on a history of performed movement spanning dance, circus and visual art traditions, the edges of the body’s mobility are explored and exploited often to the effect of depersonalizing and fragmenting the human form. This movement practice comes together in works for stage, gallery and unconventional spaces, utilizing choreography, text, photography, video, sound and light.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Julianne has shown work across Canada and abroad. Most recently, she created a new work in residence at Edam dance at the Western Front and was the artist in residence at the Dance Centre in Vancouver for the 15/16 season. Julianne is the 2017 recipient of the Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award. She is also co-producer and sometimes curator of a small experimental performance series titled Shooting Gallery Performance, and sits on the board of directors for CADA-West.