Cameron Pickering

Image Courtesy of  Carlie Zadunayski

Pass-Altruistic Panic, changing form

In this performance I will be staged in the centre of a wire form within the gallery with a single bulb hanging over head. The viewer will be able to see all sides of the form and into it. The idea will be to provoke the viewer to interact with myself as I am addressed, gestured towards, or communicated with, I will begin slowly cutting the shape open. As the wire form unfolds the viewer(s) will then be able to enter “my space.” Further dialog and interaction will have the wire form slowly cut from the bottom up. In the end work of art will be left that is a direct result of the audiences desire to engage.


As an interdisciplinary artist I have explored the values of art in relation to my own life. I am now fascinated with bringing work to the public that provokes interaction. Through research into the social mind and observation as a flaneur I’ve witnessed how our instincts are constantly telling us to fit in. Understanding this has allowed me to put the pressures of society aside and act truly creative in my practice and instead to be influenced by the non-conventional norms. Art comes easily after that. To just do.


Cameron Pickering is a young artist interested in the personalities, expressions and characters humanity has to offer. This is a direct result of his own culturally rich background and a life full of influence in varying sport, art and work. Studying at Emily Carr University of Art and Design for one year has opened a world of exploration. It has set Cameron in a direction to share his interdisciplinary practice with the public and to bring art that is both visually unusual and encourages interaction on issues shaping this age. As his first performance work outside of an educational institute Cameron is excited to put the outcome of his work in the viewer’s hands.