Visualeyez 2017: Awkwardness

This year's Visualeyez festival takes place from 26 September to 1 October 2017, at Latitude 53 as well as around downtown Edmonton, curated by Todd Janes, and featuring Festival Animator Michael Woolley.

Curatorial statement

Each year since the second, the festival is situated around a one-word theme. This year Visualeyez explores awkwardness.

This theme builds upon notions of how we interact with each other and our inner perception of engagement with other people and groups. The works presented reflect upon our interactions with situations where we feel uncomfortable or marginalized and how we react in these changing environments. There are pieces that move beyond our own self-perception of interactions and surroundings. Artists begin to explore issues around intimacy and social isolation or as we know it more commonly, loneliness.

As technology promotes more time for the refined, leisure activities it also seems that our ability to interact with one another becomes more deeply codified. If we were to suddenly remove societal perceptions and norms of behaviour then we could examine if there is such a thing as suitable societal interactions. If not then there might not be such a thing as awkwardness. In its place could be just risk-taking, and extensions of trust in which the individual learns a behaviour that protects them from emotional and physical harm. But then again would life be as glorious and interesting if we only did things to protect ourselves?