Johannes Zits

Johannes Zits

Don't be so hard on Steve, Steve

This performance is inspired by a commercial in which a man is cursing at himself for his lack of competence at playing golf. The marketing strategy behind this ad is clear and simple: shop and you will be happy. Personally I think Steve has issues that go beyond his abilities to play the game and is something that having new equipment will not solve. Learning how to be kind to your to yourself takes practice, motivation and patience.

This performance may contain nudity


Johannes Zits works across many disciplines with a focus on the body and the many meanings it engenders. His work draws attention to conventional image-making processes as well as the ways images from mass media are disseminated and consumed. In his work with the natural environment, Zits aims to extend the notion of the performer to include nature itself. Considering nature as a body and as an active participant, ensures that it can be neither construed as a passive prop or backdrop nor adored and fixed in the realm of the sublime.


Since graduating with a BFA from York University in 1984, Johannes Zits has presented work both nationally and internationally. From 2011 to 2013 he curated SPANE (Screening of Performance Art In The Natural Environment) and is currently co-curating the second Duration and Dialogue festival in Toronto. This year he cofounded the performance art collective No Object and has performed with them in a series of durational works. In November, they will be performing at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Zits will also be presenting a solo work “Body Traps” in October at the festival 7A*11D in Toronto.

Image: Su Dong