Christine Brault

Christine Brault

Let me wash this off your hands

Chrstine Brault invites audiences and passers-by to join her in a ritual performance, washing their hands herself with only water. What is it that eeach person needs to “wash off”? An individual or collective damage, an injustice, something one feels responsible for or in the name of another…

Throughout the process, Brault will use the soiled water to write each participants name on paper, returning the rest to the soil. Of those moments of caring, at the end, a book of reflections will remain.


As an interdisciplinary artist and researcher, I practice performance art and relational aesthetics that evolve into actions and site-specific interventions, relying on environment, people and contexts of realization. For many years, an ongoing poetic and political research relating to a variety of encounters, allowed me to develop my own performative language. A language I then transpose into a more engaged and feminist practice, according to a resilience perspective, but in resistance facing social inequities and aberrations of today’s world.
I seek to create an intercultural dialogue evoking a certain form of ritual related to earth, human beings, their languages, and their transformations.


Christine Brault lives and works in Montreal, Canada. As an interdisciplinary artist and researcher, relating to a variety of contexts, she creates performative actions and site-specific interventions with a poetic, engaged and feminist angle using an anthropological vision. Her recent actions mostly relate to the feminicide problematic in the Americas, from North to South. Granted from the Canada Arts Council, the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, and Engrenage Noir, her work has brought her to participate in various international performance festivals and artist residencies in many countries of the Americas, in China and in Europe.

Image: Dominique Wainstein M