Steven Girard

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Photo credit: Emmanuelle Duret

In Progress of Becoming Meaningless

This performance explores the awkwardness of body movements in relation to objects and public space, questioning the way our singularity and normality exist in society. The artist’s body and the traces of previous actions will shape the “dialogue,” exposing the experience of not only the artist’s integration into a new environment, but of a new environment integrating into the artist.

Performance times:

  • Thursday, September 17: 8 pm (Latitude 53)

Artist statement

My practice in performance art revolves around the notion of the inherent freedom that lies in what theorist Lee Edelman calls “dis-identification”. It develops from experiences of abjectness, bypassing the possible identification to others by the use of “dis-agreed” behaviours and thoughts. This shift is based on the provocation of communal ways of communication. My practice aims to explore the margins of social conventions. I seek to alter my identity through solo performances, actions in collective performances, interventions in public spaces, “installactions” and self-organised art events. I become a representation of abjection, which allows me to explore the margins of social conventions by “meeting with” myself and staging this meeting.


Steven is a performance artiste who lives and works in Montréal. By doing performance art or self-organised artistic events, Steven Girard tries to emphasize on the singularity of his existence in a society where individuals must have a social and an economic function by dis-identifying from social norms to create an alternative individuality that’s based on nothing more than himself. He’s doing his MFA in UQAM and he has shown his work in Montréal, Québec, Gatineau, Saguenay, Kinston, Boston, L/Derry, Lisburn and Belfast.