Luciana D’Anunciação

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The Sound Between

The Sound Between investigates the role of the human body’s perception through the acoustic phenomenon known as feedback. Using a microphone and amplification, the artist captures sounds from the room, provoking movement responses in the bodies present, which in turn provoke noise in the room. By creating a constant cross-feeding cycle between the artist’s body, the sound, and the audience, this work makes visible and audible some of the vibrating energy that exists between us.

  • Saturday, September 19: 7:30 pm (Latitude 53)
  • Monday, September 21: 7:30 pm (Latitude 53)

Artist statement

My art is an impulse that leads to a gesture that leads to an image that leads to a sensation that leads to an impulse that leads. Influenced by phenomenological concept of embodied perception, I consider the body as the core of our experience. Through the body we perceive the world and exchange stimuli with others and the environment. Therefore my work focuses on such intertwined relationship between inner and outer world, the dialogue between the performer and audience. This dialogue is very subtle. Often I do not propose a conceptual discussion, instead I like to invite the audience to feel, to engage in an experience that happens in their bodies viscerally before it becomes concept.


Luciana D’Anunciação is a Brazilian artist who has been living in Vancouver since 2007. Driven by the uncountable artistic possibilities of being expressive through the body, D’Anunciação has invested her career in body training from butoh to contact improvisation, somatic dance practices and physical theatre. Her works have a strong dialogue with video, installation, and sound. She has performed and exhibited in festivals and venues internationally such as Biennial de Performance Deformes 2014 (Chile), LIVE Biennale 2013 (Vancouver), the European Performance Art Festival 2011 in Poland (EPAF). Currently she is a member of the collective Dance Troupe Practice and is part of the board of directors for Live Biennale.