Christian Bujold

Bujold_Untitled 2015, credits Marie-Claude Gendron, Actes de dispariton, Square Viger, Montreal copy_small

‘Actes des disparition’. Photo credit: Marie-Claude Gendron


Using breath, wind, voice, large white drapes and long wooden sticks, the artist creates expansions of the body in itself, in its environment, and architectural structures that will eventually collapse. This work is a struggle about life, death, tension, and the cycle of internal/external effects and stimulus.

  • Friday, September 18: 3:00 – 6:00 pm in the downtown area

Artist statement

Christian Bujold is interested by performance, intervention, manoeuvre, video and drawing in order to explore the various relations between bodies, spaces and contexts. Since the beginning of its artistic practice, the ideas of traces and apparitions of the body are central. Through different strategies of incarnation, dissimulation, representation, interrelation and responsiveness, he seeks to engage participants in instinctive and somatic experiences. Those opened performances unfold without scripts as the outcomes are determined by the engaged relations. He likes to deal with the notions of effort, tension, endurance and to work to execute given tasks in order to jeopardize the idea of control.


Christian Bujold is based in Montreal. He has shown his work in international festivals such as 7a* 11d in Toronto, Exist-ence 5 in Brisbane and Viva! in Montreal. He’s president for the artist run center DARE DARE and a board member of the international performance festival Viva! Art Action. He has been traveling around and working in collaboration with artists from various fields of work. He completed his Master degree in visual and media art at UQAM (Montreal) in 2011.