Visualeyez 2015: Expanding and Collapsing

The 16th annual Visualeyez Festival of Performance Art runs from 15–22 September 2015 in the downtown core of Edmonton, Alberta, exploring the curatorial theme of expanding-and-collapsing.

Artists: Christian Bujold, Luciana D’Annciação, Rachel Echenberg, Steven Girard, Ming Hon, Julie Laurin, Mathieu Leger, and Guadalupe Martinez, curated by Todd Janes.

Each year at Visualeyez, Latitude 53 invites artists to spend seven days in Edmonton making performance-based work and sharing a space. Each morning, the artists collaborate over breakfast in a group discussion open to visitors—the Morning Session, led by the Festival Animator.

Performance art has smaller, intimate audiences the festival Animator acts as a story-teller, sharing their experience of the festival with those who cannot experience it first hand. This year’s animator Cian Cruise will post each day on the festival blog at

Alberta is on a path to another boom/bust cycle: through this year’s thematic focus on expansion and contraction artists will examine how we live, survive, or prosper in this cyclical environment.