Nayeon Yang


History of Emotions / Emotions of Histories

History of Emotions / Emotions of Histories starts with the question of what can be archived and remains in a history, or what can be a history. The project fundamentally consists of two parts: a performance and documentation. History of Emotions, the performance, simultaneously processes with Emotions of Histories, which is the documentation of responses of audiences experiencing the performance.

I use smell as a metaphor of unrecordable and intractable elements in the performance to investigate the hierarchy in archives, where written language and, visual and audible information are dominant. In my search of new ways to record an ephemeral event, I try to borrow an individual’s memory as a site for the performance, more particularly for the smell, to stay. At the same time, the interviews records individuals’ perspectives. These interactions will provide various perspectives to the documentation of the performance, as audience’s perspectives co-exist with the performance.

  • Wednesday 17 September, 12:00 pm at Churchill Square
  • Thursday 18 September, 5:00 pm at the 124 St. Grand Market, 124 St. and 108 Ave
  • Saturday 20 September, 12:00 pm in Chinatown at 97 Street and 106A Avenue

Artistic Statement

To make this body, I use my body. Indeed, I am here through my body.

My work explores the human body as a permeable container of time and space. To me, the body is the only genuine and continuous home for one’s life. The body continues to exist while time and space pass through it and leave behind innumerable thoughts and emotions. The body becomes a container for the invisible, imperceptible traces of life.

Allowing myself to experience the life of my body, I try to prepare it as a site for emotions, memories, moments, and ephemerality to reside in.


Nayeon Yang is an interdisciplinary artist from South Korea. Focusing on the human body as an archival site, her art practice combines performance, installation, and video. She is currently in MFA program at the Ohio State University and holds BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is the recipient of University Fellowship (OSU), Merit Scholarship (SAIC), Artist Grant (Vermont Studio Center), and Best of Show (Beverly Art Center). She has shown her work at various venues including Roy_G_Biv Gallery, Beverly Art Center, Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, Gunpoo Youth Center, Culture Station Seoul 284, and others.