Marie-Claude Gendron

Marie-Claude Gendron

photography by Léonie A.Aubé

Se déconstruire

Related to her research on the performance action into functionalist system, Marie-Claude Gendron’s tableaux vivant “interventions” reside in infiltrations to the enterprises and institutions near Latitude 53. These works measure the impact of presence as a non-functional and static body. These actions, or rather these presences, are micropolitical gestures parasitizing a macropolitical system. These “tableaux vivants” are also designed to emphasize and highlight forms of oppression (public or private, intimate or collective.)

  • Saturday 20 September, 1:00 pm at MacEwan University campus
  • Sundday 21 September, 1:00 pm at Whyte Ave. & Gateway Boulevard

Artist Statement

Marie-Claude Gendron is a performance and installation artist who explores the themes of endurance, persistence and confinement of the individual in onerous situation. By stealthily or by long-term interventions in urban landscape, Gendron tests the limits of the performative action in unusual context. The principal aim of his work is the realization of the project in vivo to create immediate effects on the environment. The artist considers the importance of affiliations and need to include the performative action in the public space. By those interventions, she reports the impacts of the individual in the community in which he operates. It reveals the a priori on the notions of public and private.


Born in Quebec city, Marie-Claude Gendron lives and works in Montréal. She is now doing her Master in visual art at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal).She has shown his work in performances and installations throughout artists run-center such as Le Lieu, centre en arts actuels (Qc) , La Galerie des arts visuels (Qc) and participate twice to the RIAP (international festival of performance of Quebec). Since 2010, she takes part, with several collectives to the organisation of actual art events and leads in parallel a curator practice. The artist participated in group shows and event in Montréal, Québec, Bordeaux, Sao Paulo and San Romano in Italy.