Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte

Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte


Over the course of the festival, I will travel through the Edmonton Downtown Core by rolling on the ground in pedestrian areas. Performing for 2 hours each day, I will attempt to cover as much grounds as possible, zig-zagging through the urban grid. Starting from and finishing at Latitude 53 on the first and last days of the festival, the trajectory of my performance will form a loop in the downtown perimeter. My performance will insert into the city an alternative subject position; a radically empirical travelling body. Superimposing its singular timeframe onto the space, my performance will assert the primacy of the body’s experience. As a radical method of spatial occupation, my rolling motion will symbolically stand in for bodies othered by urban design structures, and introduce a use-value system in the city that cannot be defined, but felt.

  • Daily performances: 4–6 pm around downtown Edmonton

Artist’s statement

My work is driven by an interest in notions of movement, embodiment and spatiality. I explore how social and spatial architectures script our relationship to the built environment and the manner in which the body interacts with the city. I test the elasticity of codes of behaviour in order to generate new possibilities for experience. I use my performing body to infiltrate the urban environment and momentarily disrupt the everyday of public spaces, their normativity, and their predictability. Encountered by chance by passers-by, I view my performative actions as potentializing agents in the nexus of relations existing in a given space.


Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte is an interdisciplinary artist and independent curator currently based in Vancouver. She received an MFA from Simon Fraser University in 2012, and a BFA from Concordia University in 2010. Recently, her work has been exhibited at Le Labo (Toronto), FOFA Gallery (Montreal), and through Low Lives 4 International Networked Performance Art Festival. She is the co-founder of the curatorial collective palindromes, and is currently completing a curatorial residency at UNIT/PITT Projects (Vancouver). Her writing has been published in Inter: art actuel, Decoy Magazine and Esse: art & opinions.