Emma-Kate Guimond

Emma-Kate Guimond

I Feel Sick

I Feel Sick is a multi-action comedic tragedy, as well as a collection show-and-tell. In this multi-platform performance I use cassette players, video, projection of collected images, repetition of words, objects and gesture to render a manifold narrative of illness, mourning, and love. I use fantasy, memory and nostalgia as psychosomatic triggers while creating a situation for sensations to be unfold in real-time. The situation is visceral and dense in meaning: I tape my eyes shut. I wash my dress in milk and put it back on, soaking. I put thumbtacks in balloons, blow them up and tape them to my body. I bare my afflictions while requesting your love. The performance is a situation in which there occur perpetual reversals of vulnerable/empowered positions, between viewer and performer. By extension, the situation is a workshop in trusting others and being responsible to others.

  • Tuesday, September 10: 8–10pm at Latitude 53

Allergy warning: Peanuts will be consumed during the performance.

Artist’s statement

My creative impetus is to feel everything. Sensations of illness and love invariably emerge and I render them into narratives. The craft becomes composing situations wherein those narratives and sensations can be performed in real-time. I proffer the/my body struggling to amend the dilemma of it’s own being. This process is perpetual and circular: I do not seek resolve or climax. Rather, I seek a placement for visceral information where it may form fluxing cross-referential complexity. My political animus is to mandate the entirety of our being, as difficult or disgusting as it may be, and to take back the emotional, physical and spiritual body from commodification, mechanization and logic.


Emma-Kate Guimond is Edmonton born, Montreal based intermedia and performance artist. In 2010 she completed her BFA with a major in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University. She has exhibited performance installations at multiple Montreal galleries and venues including Articule, RATS 9 and Red Bird Gallery. Recently she showed I Feel Sick 6 in Toronto, outside the AGO as part of NXNE Art. She is also one quarter of the WIVES collective, who create fantasy feminist video and live analogue projection performance, and who’s work Sea Foam Blue 2 will be shown at the upcoming Phenomena festival in Montreal in October.