The Festival: 2013


Visualeyez 2013: Vulnerability

September 9–15, 2013 At Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture (10242 106 Street) and around downtown Edmonton

Closing patio party: In Your Face – Sunday, September 15, co-hosted by the 124 Street Grand Market

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Before the festival, prospective viewers are invited to sign up as participants in Corporal Outis’ participatory street-theatre at

Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to Visualeyez—Canada’s Annual Festival of Performance Art. For the 14th incarnation of this festival we have brought together artists to explore and examine the theme of vulnerability through site-specific work in Edmonton through gallery performances, street performances and roving relational performances over six days.

With Visualeyez, Latitude 53 invites audiences to join with artists and take risks in this festival—even just a simple gesture of trust or a look of engagement, these small things can begin to grow and change your perceptions of your life and the communities in which you live. We are all vulnerable and we have all experienced situations where we are vulnerable—for a while or on-going—but the measure of a person is how we act with others and ourselves in these situations. I invite you to attend our performances and events and engage in the performances of some of Canada’s most exciting artists with several international artists.

I would especially like to thank our volunteers who come to Latitude 53 and discover exciting things that they might not normally do in their daily lives—Visualeyez in particular affords opportunities to work directly with innovative artist. Our volunteers are vital and they help us build capacity and build awareness—thank you.

Our sponsors and our on-going governmental funders who help support the production and promotion of Visualeyez are fantastic and these activities define the Albertan and Canadian experience to diverse audiences near and far and we are grateful for your support.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the work and vision of Latitude 53 staff and Board of Directors for their teamwork and vision to animate the best in contemporary art to Edmonton audiences and artists.

Todd Janes
Executive Director and Visualeyez Curator
Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture