Michael Dudeck Witchdoctor

Michael Dudeck Witchdoctor

Wombtomb (Territory)

Performance Description

In this nine-hour performance, Dudeck will perform part of the invented queer prehistory and religion which has been the basis of his performances over the last two years. Exploring the extent that we are prepared to defend and die for that which we consider sacred, Dudeck will appear in neo-shamanistic regalia, patrolling his circular sacred space with symbolic weapons and praying in his invented language.

Artistic Statement

My work is a form of cultural engineering that attempts to blur collective knowledge about nature and early human development and present alternate possibilities of origin. I appropriate from multiple histories and mythologies to present a distinctly hybrid, queer and subjective cosmogony which is fluid and always shifting forms. Utilizing an aesthetics of non-fiction, I present performances, installations, drawings, sculptures, museological diorama, video/film, photographs and publications that present my mythic re-imaginings as fact. I inhabit this mythic matrix both within and outside of art contexts, and self-organize my vocation as a WITCHDOCTOR as a form of full-time social sculpture.


MICHAEL DUDECK WITCHDOCTOR has presented works nationally and internationally including Pari Nadimi Gallery (Toronto), John Connelly Presents, The Center for Performance Research, The Watermill Center (New York), PLATFORM Center for Photographic and Digital Arts, Ace Art Inc. and The Winnipeg Art Gallery (Winnipeg). He is published in multiple publications including The Younger than Jesus Artist Directory (PHAIDON PRESS), Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present (MoMA Press) and Queer Spirits (Creative Time). He is tutored by AA Bronson and Marina Abramovic, and was the Shaman-In-Residence for Marina Abramovic’s retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. He currently inhabits a nomadic practice which involves multiple locations. He is represented by Pari Nadimi Gallery.