Performance Description

I set two 14 inch bowls, two pairs of small brushes, and tweezers on a table. I then begin painting white rice with black ink one by one until one day the black rice equals the white rice. The audiences will be invited to work with me if they are interested in participating.

Artistic Statement

“Hourglass”, is a rice based performance that explores deterritorialization and disessentialization in the “ Taken-for-Granted” world. The action of constantly painting white rice to black is a metaphor of an hourglass. Sand in an hourglass cannot flow without rotation like power cannot shift without struggle. Power doesn’t bring growth unless we understand the essence of sharing the power. However, our established binary system, the concept of centre and margin, the majority and minority, and the dominated and dominating, still divides us in democratic multicultural societies. Too much power is concentrated on “the centre”, “the majority”, or “the dominating” seems to be a main factor causing disharmony and dislocation. This performance intends to reconfigure the established centralized power in order to create an equal, fair and balanced world.

Artist Biography

I am a multimedia artist, mainly working in performance, video and interactive installation. I am interested in how performance blurs boundaries between normal and abnormal behaviors in our everyday lives and shortens the distance between scripted actions and inherent manners. I am also exploring how the new media technologies move from the desktop to the body to not only provide an invitation to free performance from traditional experience, but also create a new way to look at performance and performance art. My current research interests focus on wearables that examine intersections between performance and interactive installation.