Show Us Your Edmonton!

Performance Description

We will be extending an invitation to community members of Edmonton to have breakfast with us. Over breakfast we will share friendly and informal conversations and learn about what living in Edmonton means to some of the residents. Following each breakfast, we will travel to the parts of the city we have learned about and experience a bit about Edmonton from an insiders perspective. After three breakfasts we will make a series of podcasts called Show Us Your Edmonton! These podcasts will be published and distributed during the festival and will be available afterwards.

Artistic Statement

When we first met, while living in Regina, Saskatchewan, our friendship was forged around our shared love of early morning breakfasts. By starting our days together we shared our feelings about the days and weeks ahead of us while learning about each other’s pasts. Breakfast provided us with the platform for the beginning of a long friendship.

Email if you would like to participate in a breakfast.

Check out Brette and Robin’s blog to listen to the podcast, and see summaries of each day’s breakfasts.

Artist Biographies

Brette Gabel
Brette Gabel is a not so recent graduate of the University of Regina with a B.A. Honours in Theatre Studies and a minor in Visual Arts. While avoiding schoolwork Brette began embroidering, quilting and watching horror movies. Following school, Brette moved to Toronto where she participated in the Toronto School of Art’s Independent Studio Program. After which she became a contributing member to the White House Studio as well as a volunteer at the Textile Museum of Canada. Currently Brette is spending a year in Regina, Saskatchewan where she is participating as the University of Regina’s artist in residence. She has been researching farming accidents, taxidermy and organizing alternative community interventions titled Brette and Liam present…, Brette and Emma present…, and a top secret analog television intervention with Eric Hill. Brette’s work strives to connect love, fear, heartache and the grotesque with craft and social interventions.

Robin Lambert
Robin Lambert is a socially engaged artist and educator. Born on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, his childhood was spend traveling throughout Canada and his family eventually settled in Northern Alberta. These wandering ways continued through his adult life before he too settled down long enough to earn a BFA from Alberta College of Art and Design and an MFA from the University of Regina where his graduating thesis was titled Daydreams and other tiny revolutions. He has received numerous grants and awards including a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Masters Grant and his projects have been exhibited in Canada, the United States and Australia. His theoretical and studio research interests include: relational aesthetics, participatory work, art and craft theory, craft culture and the role of both the artist and the art object.