On Boulevard de Clichy

Performance Description

Adina Bier will explore issues of gender roles and symbols by using the commonly perceived phallic edible, the banana. The durational performance starts with an installation constructed of 365 freshly ripe bananas representing objectification in numbers, and ends once all bananas have been consumed.

Artistic Statement

My most recent work focuses on physical limitations of the body and or mind through comical relief. I often work interactively with action-reaction. Thematically, I discuss socially constructed confines that we as individuals face on a daily basis, such as the notion of home, feminine/masculine roles, and health boundaries in contemporary society. I raise questions not as a generalized performer espousing universal truths to an audience, but as a problematic individual sharing a singular moment with a particular group of people, gathered together in a place with a history and complexity of its own. Though, it is not, by definition ‘site-specific,’ I tailor my work to respond to current issues at hand.

Artist Biography

Adina Bier graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA), in affiliation with Tufts University, in December of 2007, and is now performing internationally. Her work as a performance artist incorporates a wide variety of visual and conceptual art, including sound, movement, body, and texture. Her use of the body is a focal aspect of her performances. Thematically, Bier’s work continuously suggests her relationships with health, feminine roles, and belief systems.

In 2010, Adina performed in New York at Lumen Video Arts Festival, The Frying Pan, ACG Gallery, Grace Exhibition Space, and ATOA Artist Talk on Art at SOHO20. In Boston, she performed as a part of Mobius’s ArtRages, and most recently, in France at IBRIDAction2010 Festival d’art Performance.

In 2009, she performed cross-continentally. In Beijing at the 10th Anniversary OPEN Art Festival, In Germany, for ZOOM! West Europa festival and at Performer Stammtisch’s IPAH Special at Flütgraben. In Italy, she collaborated in a 30-person performance/installation Swimming Cities of Serenissima which floated down the Adriatic Sea heading to the Venice Biennale. In years prior, Bier has performed in Massachusetts, Wales, and Poland.