michael dudeck – in conversation

Posted on September 20th, 2011

photo courtesy the artist

a conversation cannot replace a performance. i was not able to see michael dudeck perform, and so, as a second best, we met for breakfast so i could attempt to see deeper into this generous and articulate person.

what i saw was an artist who has an ardent desire to create a world to inhabit. you could say this is what drives most artists, however in dudeck’s case i would wager this desire incorporates a love.

not only a love for his fellow human travellers on this planet, but a love for what has not yet been imagined. or named. or given a territory. and so michael dudeck has an ardent desire to create this territory, to stake out a place and to occupy it. this territory can be glimpsed through his performance here at visualeyez. it is a territory of lush sensuousness. but also of brutal animalism. it is a territory where animal and human, male and female merge, mingle, separate and copulate. it is a world where magic and ritual reign. but it is also a deeply tender world. where beings can be seen and protected until they too find their own voice. it is a world caught in a glimpse, and then flung wide open. it pulsates and gyrates and the drums can be heard. smoke and mist and vast landscapes go on for miles. you can get lost in this world and you may never find your way out. it is queer.

so yes, michael dudeck has this vision. but he also has something else. ambition. an ambition and a sensitivity to the codes and protocols of a world of art i will never feel comfortable in. but he does. and michael dudeck is going to enter this world because this world can give him what he needs in order to create his world. it is hard to be ambitious in self-effacing canada. but you know, i think canada is ready for people who are going to take their ideas as far and as wide as they can. it requires a vastness of vision as well as an ability to be flexible enough and perseverant enough and hard nosed enough. i am not sure the michael dudeck i saw was hard nosed enough, but i have no doubt he will learn to manoeuvre to receive what he needs, and i, for one, sincerely hope to see michael succeed, because i too believe this world of his needs to be visioned and explored and inhabited.

although, if michael decides to stay up north and be a shaman who fights for the rights of the indiginous peoples, well, I woud be cool with that too.