sitting with helene vosters day five

Posted on September 18th, 2011

delicate work. the cloth held between the hands. one hand holding cloth, one hand pinching thread to draw it out from the cloth. the sound of one thread being drawn through the length of the cloth. like a wave. one thread at a time. one wave at a time. i become lulled as if i am watching the waves roll in on a beach.

i am amazed at the tranquility engendered by watching helene vosters engage in her self-appointed task. i wonder if i am projecting some desire for maternal care. helene vosters sitting with cloth in hand reminds me of how my sons would come to me with their stuffed animals for me to repair. this posture of sitting, hands engaged, head bowed, this attentiveness to detail, to cloth – is this reparation?

today i do not feel sadness, nor do i think about war, rather i allow the serenity of this scene to flow over me.