Breakfasts on the horizon

Posted on September 23rd, 2010

Last night I went to the airport with Todd and Brette to say goodbye to the last out-of-town artist. On the way, I asked Brette about her suggestions for breakfast places in Regina, because every time I’m there overnight I never know where to go for breakfast in the morning.

She suggested a few key places, such as Stan’s Diner on Park Street, the Novia Cafe on 12th Avenue, the Abbey Restaurant and Lounge on Albert, and La Bodega on Albert for Sunday brunch. Now I’m excited for my next trip to Regina, and hopefully I can set up a breakfast date while I’m there!

As for now, I’m hunkered down with my pages of notes and my laptop to reflect on everything that’s happened since I’ve been here; there’s bound to be many more posts over the next few days while I catch up on all the amazing things I’ve seen!

  • sorry Cindy i was lamenting Stan’s Diner. it closed while I was away. but it was amazing while it was here. also there is a place called Mr. Breakfast and Oh Hanlon’s Pub does breakfast and a pint. And the Sask hotel has a pretty sweet breakfast buffet. There is also the Mercury on 13th ave. and The Creek on 13th ave.
    all these places do great breakfasts.

  • Cindy

    Right; shoot!

    I’ve always seen Mr Breakfast and wondered – it looks like it might be so great, but also like it might be a place to really avoid. It’s good to get the thumbs-up from someone in the know!