Visualeyez FOOD: more meals

Posted on September 22nd, 2010

Last night, the remaining artists at the festival went out one last time with staff and volunteers, to Dadeo cajun/creole restaurant on Whyte Avenue.

In attendance were Beau Coleman, Alison Reiko-Loader, Vicki Wong, Robin Lambert, Brette Gamel, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Heather Challoner, Catherine Kuzik, Todd Janes, Jamie Hamaguchi and me! (You can see that though everyone is still having a lot of fun, some people are getting awfully exhausted by this point in the festival!)

Alison had been talking about trying to find a good Alberta beef steak while she was in town, but this was her last night. Someone suggested she go for steak and eggs this morning and a great conversation ensued about the best place to find steak and eggs in the not-too-late morning on a weekday in Edmonton. I enlisted the help of festival breakfasters Robin and Brette, who recommended Alison try Tasty Tom’s. After weighing her options (including the sleeping-in or getting up super early to do breakfast before her flight home), Alison decided to have just a light snack at Dadeo and go out for a steak dinner later in the evening. I offered to go with her.

Alison, Jamie and I walked around on Whyte Avenue for a few hours after Dadeo, shopping and browsing. Alison found a couple of antique cookbooks for souvenir gifts (oops; I hope her husband isn’t reading this before she gets home!) and we all found some really nice clothes and shoes which we couldn’t afford.

Then we went downtown to Lux, which had been recommended as a great local steakhouse. Walking in, we knew it was perfect! We made a beeline for the big old steakhouse-style booths!

We both had steak, and shared potatoes and mushrooms (and shared the amazing pecan fritters for dessert!)

We talked well into the night about art, food and our lives, and had to be kicked out when they were trying to lock up. Back at the hotel, Alison and I entertained each other with our favorite Youtube videos and funny picture websites.

Her best pick: Pinup Robert Downey Junior

My best pick: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

It was hard to say goodbye, but now that there are no more pesky artist to distract me, I can get back to some real serious art blogging!

  • Jamie

    I’m glad that Lux turned out to be good. Thanks for the lovely shopping trip, needed that! Speaking of which, my birthday (or something) is coming up soon and if you remember those boots I showed you in Gravity Pope… :)

    • Cindy

      Yeah, thanks for the suggestion, Jamie! (and the help getting there, and parking…)

      I’ll keep those boots in mind when picking out your birthday present… let’s hope they have a sale soon!

  • Is that a tiny model cow on top of your steak? Adorable!

    • Cindy

      Yes, Megan – they put a little plastic cow on your steak that says how it’s been cooked – mine was pink for medium rare, and Alison’s was yellow for medium!

      We both kept them; I’ll show you mine when I get back to Saskatoon!

  • adina

    I miss you all!

    • Cindy

      …but we’ll all meet up again soon, I’m sure!