Food Wars: Round 3

Posted on September 19th, 2010

Dessert round!

Dessert was honestly not the highlight of the evening, but not because it wasn’t good. The rest of the dinner was so overwhelmingly creative and delicious that dessert was just the topper to a fabulous meal! (The topper, I might add, which tipped most of the audience over from full to uncomfortably stuffed.)

Naufus’ cake turned out really well, which was important to me because I had a personal investment in it.

People are still trickling into the gallery and eating what is left of the food. I’ll be curious to talk to them to see if their opinions of the food are different from those I’ve talked to already, since they’ll ostensibly be eating the less popular food that still remains on each table.

The gallery has pretty much cleared out. I’m sort of disappointed to see that people were much  more eager to eat the food than to find out which country wins the competition, though I have to say that most people I talked to as they were leaving expressed that they’d be glued to the blog waiting for the results!

I’ve had a hard time deciding who I think will win the competition. I mean, I hard a very hard time deciding who I wanted to vote for. Most other people I talked to also had a hard time, but when push came to shove, they all had good reasons for their vote.

We’re talking about waiting to announce the winner until the feedback session later tonight, since so many people are gone now. It’s hard to know if people will come back at 8:00, but come on! The crowning of the winner is going to be the most exciting part!

Stay tuned for photos!