Who do I ask about Salt?

Posted on September 16th, 2010

I missed Randy Lee Cutler‘s performance Ask Me About Salt this morning, and I’m looking for someone to talk to about how it went. There were quite a few people there, from what I’ve heard, but all the ones that I have easy access to are staff, volunteers and festival artists, and they’re all too busy to sit and chat about art right now!

Speaking of sitting and chatting, I’m sitting here talking with Chris Robot, a local artist and musician. He really friendly, and seems excited about the festival! We’re talking about the privilege of the performance artist, and about street art and class and stigma. Even when we don’t have money, we’re all really lucky to be where we are in this art world, and I try not to forget that, especially when I’m surrounded by so much amazing art and creative people! Great start to the day!

Too bad he didn’t see Randy’s performance; we could talk about that! Maybe I can get him to show up tomorrow, and we can BOTH see it and then talk about it!

There’s a trace of Randy’s performance here in the gallery. At least, I assume that’s what it is. It’s much to deliberate to be an accidental salt spill! It’s very mysterious, especially considering I missed the performance today… I’m definitely not missing tomorrow!