Someone needs a coffee

Posted on September 16th, 2010

(This is a post I posted this morning before getting to the gallery, but that has since disappeared… so it happened BEFORE I got to the gallery today!)

It’s too bad I can’t drink coffee anymore, because I could really use one.

I hate the first morning in a new hotel, because I never know how I’m gonna wake up; whether the alarm clock will work right, if I wake up grumpy from not sleeping well, stuff like that.

Well, I slept alright, but the alarm clock, inexplicably, didn’t go off at all. I double-checked that it was turned on, that it was set to AM, and that the volume was up nice and loud on a really obnoxious radio station. Oh well, it’ll be wakeup calls from now on for me!

So it’s noon, and I’m just waking up, which means I’m missing Randy Lee Cutler‘s performance Ask Me About Salt this very minute. I would’ve had to get up early enough to figure out exactly where it’s happening anyway… I hope to connect with Randy at the gallery this afternoon and ask her how it went, so I can make it to the next one! Latitude 53 staff posted the location of the performance on Twitter this morning, so to find tomorrow’s location, check the twitter feed on the left-hand side of the page!

That reminds me – the downloadable festival schedule is now available – just click the purple button on the top left!

I should get to the gallery just in time to make myself a cup of tea and settle in for Adina Bier‘s bananariffic performance at 2 pm!

See you there!